Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya

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Riviera Maya

Along the northern coast of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, the Riviera Maya extends over more than 95 miles of silky sand beaches, emerald jungles, millenary sinkholes, archeological sites, ecological reserves, theme parks, picturesque villages and many tourist developments.

Discover this region rich in history and tradition and experience a fascinating adventure full of endless fun in enchanting natural surroundings.

The bounties afforded by nature are an essential part of life in the Riviera Maya. During the summer, when the moon is full, the turtles emerge from the sea to lay their eggs on the beach under the careful watch of ecological groups.

The consequent birth of thousands of baby turtles is a unique experience that draws both children and adults alike.

Just a few feet from shore lies the coral barrier reef– a mysterious universe you may discover diving or snorkeling through any of the numerous marinas..

Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya Mexico

Riviera Maya Mexico

With more than 30 sinkholes or cenotes already explored, the Riviera Maya offers cavern or cave diving for professionals. For the more adventurous, we recommend the ecological tour “Jungle Crossing” (Alltournative), inviting you to immerse yourself in Nohoch Nachich, considered the heart of the network of underground rivers that lie beneath the peninsula. A walk through the jungle introduces you to the wonderful endemic species of flora and fauna, allowing you to discover traditional Mayan villages and perhaps to visit ancient temples. South of the Riviera lies Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a vast ecological eden that has remained practically untouched. Submerged in the depths of the jungle is the pre-Hispanic city of Coba, the oldest and most significant in northeastern Yucatan.

Built between five lagoons in A.D. 600, it was occupied until the 15th century. From the top of Nohoch Mul, one of the tallest pyramids of the Maya World, one can observe the outline of white paths, the longest extending over 62 miles, that connected Coba to other important cities. Here a large number of steles were discovered containing calendar dates that reveal its history. The ancient walled city of Tulum stands solemnly atop a steep cliff. It offers the architectural wonders of the Late Post-Classic period (A.D.1200-1500). After visiting the site, take a refreshing swim in its small inlet and at sunset witness an awe-inspiring sight: the sun which bathes the stone facades in gold with the turquoise sea as a backdrop.

If you wish to spend the night in communion with nature, opt to stay in the bungalows situated on Tulum’s beaches. Most of the small hotels do not have electricity, instead they use candle lights. The showers use sinkhole water, there are sand floors and you’ll take a nap in a hammock strung between two palm trees. Tulum’s atmosphere is relaxed, bohemian and very peaceful. Playa del Carmen is the thriving heart of the Riviera Maya. One of the fastest growing cities in the world, it has services and accommodations fit to satisfy a variety of tastes and budgets.

At dusk, its sidewalks, bordered by shops selling exotic handicrafts, boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops come alive. This is also the stage for live music, street performers and all types of artists. Celebrate until dawn at the bars on the beach. To get away for a few days in luxurious surroundings, head to Playacar, home to an unrivaled golf course, Puerto Aventuras, with its beautiful marina and Akumal, one of the premier vacation centers in the Riviera Maya. A journey through these lands would not be complete without a visit to the grandiose parks of Xcaret and Xel-Ha. With their great array of entertaining activities within spectacular natural surroundings and ecological programs with interesting interactive activities, they are the best options that await you.


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